ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire Will Launch Tomorrow

Some days ago, Mozilla has announced that Firefox OS handsets will be launched soon. The devices will be available through some carriers. Other Firefox OS devices will follow some time in this year.

Firefox OS smartphone

First two Firefox OS smartphones that will be sold for public are ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire, through Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica. ZTE Open will be priced at 69 euro or around 90 dollar, including 30 dollar credit bonus. For those who want to take postpaid service, ZTE Open can be obtained with monthly service expense of 2.38 euro (3.1 dollar).

Previously, two other Firefox OS smartphones have been sold, but it’s more intended for developers. Geaksphone as the seller of those smartphones reported that the devices have been sold out a few times.

Firefox OS is an alternative for mobile gadget operating system. It’s expected to compete with Android and iOS. Besides Firefox OS, another new smartphone operating system is Jolla, which is developed by ex-Nokia workers.

Ivan Andrianto

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