ZTE Athena, the World’s Thinnest Smartphone

The battle for making thinnest smartphone is not over. Fujitsu Arrows F-07D comes with only 6.9 mm thick, followed by Huawei Ascend P1 with only 6.68 mm thick and Oppo Finder with only 6.65mm thick. Now, ZTE Athena comes with only 6.62mm thick, ahead of Oppo Finder.

ZTE Athena

ZTE Athena thinner than an iPhone

The specfications of ZTE Athena is still unknown. Most likely it will be equipped with 720p HD display, the multi-core Cortex-A15 chipset, 64 GB built-in memory, as well as Miflavor UI. The smartphone made by ZTE is rumored to be avilable in several attractive colors. The exact availability date is still unknown.

Ivan Andrianto

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