Xperia Z will be the Next Sony’s Flagship Smartphone

Big smartphone manufacturers certainly have a device as the flagship smartphone, like Galaxy S III from Samsung, One X from HTC, and Xperia S from Sony.
Sony Xperia Z logo

Sony is very identical with its Xperia smartphones. The Xperia S is the current Sony’s flagship smartphone. The latest rumor says that Sony is preparing a new flagship smarpthone called Xperia Z.

The phone is planned to be launched in August, while another second generation Sony NXT series smartphones (Xperia C, Xperia E, and Xperia Y) will be launched earlier in July.

Other rumors also indicate that Sony will use Qualcomm S4 chipset, OLED screen, and cyber shot camera lens, as well as PlayStation certification and Walkman music player.

What will the next Sony’s flagship smartphone look like? Let’s wait for further news.

Ivan Andrianto

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