With The Same Price, Firefox OS Device Is Better Than Android Device

Mobile operating system from Mozilla, Firefox OS, is scheduled to compete with Android starting from next year. The first operator to launch a smartphone with Firefox OS is Telefonica, a well known operator in Brazil. The company is involved in develoing HTML5 with Mozilla.

Firefox OS logo

Matthew Key, Telefónica Chief Executive, showed his spirit of this operating system at a meeting in London. He said that with Firefox US, we can enjoy the same experience of using Android smartphone with cheaper price, or better experience with the same price.

Firefox OS is simple, faster, and more efficient.

Carlos Domingo, Director of Product Development and Innovation at Telefonica, added that cheap Android devices give you bad experience because they run old versions of the operating system.

Key also revealed that the retail price of first Firefox OS device is below $100. It will be launched in the first quarter of 2013 in Brazil and other countries to follow.

Moilla has teamed up with seven operators and two manufacturers (Alcatel and ZTE) to support Firefox Mobile OS.

Ivan Andrianto

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