Windows Phone To Have Notifications Center Soon

Good news for Windows Phone fans and users. Recently, some screenshots of new Windows Phone user interface look to have equipped with notifications center. It means that upcoming Windows Phone update will bring that feature on Windows Phone handsets.

Windows Phone 8 Notifications center screenshot

These screenshots are said to be taken from a phone running on the latest Windows Phone operating system finished by Microsoft on May 9th, 2013.

Besides the notifications center, Microsoft also gives other changes. The calendar app is redesigned, now with the ability to show calendar weekly. User can also sort apps on the main menu by name or frequency of use. The update also brings new multitasking interface.

Windows Phone 8 Homescreen screenshot

Windows Phone 8 Moderately used apps screenshot

Windows Phone 8 Never used apps screenshot

Windows Phone 8 Multitasking screenshot

Windows Phone 8 Sort applications screenshot

Windows Phone 8 Settings About screenshot

Windows Phone 8 weekly calendar screenshot

Ivan Andrianto

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