Windows Phone Has Surpassed iOS in Finland

After struggling for almost two years, Windows Phone platform from Microsoft finally is starting to get big market share in Finland, the home country of Nokia. In that country, the sales of Lumia smartphone is getting stronger.

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Now, Windows Phone market share equals Android market share in Finland and two times bigger than iOS. The result is known from Elisa, the biggest operator in Finland. The operator has just released sales data for June 2012. The data shows that based on the platform, Windows Phone is on the top with Android. Each of them has 33 percent market share. iOS is on the third place with 15 percent. Samsung Galaxy S III is the most popular smartphone on Elisa, followed by iPhone 4S, and Nokia Lumia 610 & 900.

Although the sales data is from one operator, we can see that Windows Phone is getting more popular.

Ivan Andrianto

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