Windows Phone 8 will be Launched in the Late of This Year

Windows Phone 8 logo

Windows Phone 8 logo

Windows Phone is the Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system. As the replacement of Windows Mobile, Windows Phone is expected to compete with Android and iOS. The latest version of it is Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh which code-named as Tango. Tango is the refreshment of Mango, the previous version of WP. On Windows Phone Tango, Microsoft added better media messaging, export and manage contacts to SIM card, location awareness icon, and support for low-cost devices with 256 MB RAM and low clock CPU. Windows Phone 7.5 Tango is used by Nokia Lumia 610 and Samsung Omnia M.

According to UberGizmo, Windows Phone 8,  the successor of Windows Phone Tango will be launched in the late of this year. This was revealed by a person from Nokia distributor for the European region. The product of Nokia Lumia family is predicted to be the first smartphone running on Windows Phone 8.


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