Windows Phone 8.1 is Being Tested on Nokia Lumia 920, P4301 Test Device, and HTC 8X

Nokia Windows Phone 8 smartphone
Alan Mendelevich from mobile ads network named AdDuplex recently sent a tweet informing the presence of Windows Phone 8.1. The presence of the new operating system is recorded at AdDuplex. It’s known that the upcoming WP operating system is used on Nokia 4301 test device, Nokia Lumia 920, and HTC Windows Phone 8X.

Windows Phone 8.1 operating system or also referred to as Windows (Phone) Blue will use Internet Explorer 11 browser. This system could be a GDR2 minor update that the leak appeared some time ago.

In March, Microsoft opened up job vacancies for engineers to test Windows Phone 9. The operating system is different from Windows Phone 8.1 which has just appeared, and is intended to combine various variants of Windows. Windows Phone 9 is expected to be announced in next October.
Alan Mendelevich tweet about WP 8.1

Ivan Andrianto

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