Ubuntu Phone OS Announced, Will Be Released in Early 2014

Ubuntu Mobile OS

According to its promises to announce a new Ubuntu product on January 2nd, Canonical finally announced mobile version of Ubuntu. The OS is built from Android kernel and driver, but without using Java Virtual Machine and promises to use mobile power completely.

Ubuntu OS for mobile supports ARM based and x86 processors. The OS is also said to be compatible so that Android phone producers can run it on the devices with a slight adaptation.

First Canonical way to prepare Ubuntu for Android will be available in 2013. First Ubuntu for Android handset will be provided by top Android manufacturers.

The real Ubuntu phone will be available in 2014. However there will be some demo phones available before the announcement. ROM for developer paltfrom will be available for Galaxy Nexus in next few weeks.

Ubuntu will bring some features to differentiate its product from others. From design view, Ubuntu will come with dynamic user interface different from Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Multitasking is estimated to be one of main key features on Ubuntu OS. There will be global search feature like the one on webOS and Canonical’s voice command. The OS also allows you to dock your phone to mouse, keyboard, and large monitor to switch from mobile to desktop mode.

Ivan Andrianto

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