Tizen Is Estimated To Be The Fifth Biggest Smartphone OS This Year

Though we still wait the debut of first Tizen OS smartphone, ABI Research has predicted a good future for that platform. The firm said that Tizen will be the fifth biggest mobile operating system by the late of this year after Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry. It’s estimated that other new paltforms like Firefox OS, Ubuntu, Sailfish don’t have enough money to make a breaktrough at least for now.

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As known, Intel and Samsung also intervene in the development of Tizen, as do some operators worldwide such as Vodafone, Orange, NTT DoCoMo, SK Telecom, and KT. The main reason why those operators support Tizen is they are not quite happy with what Apple has done for iPhone products because they feels very restricted to provide their services on iOS.

Seperti yang sudah diketahui, Intel dan Samsung turut ikut campur dalam pengembangan Tizen, begitu juga beberapa operator di seluruh dunia seperti orange, Vodafone, KT, NTT DoCoMo, dan SK Telecom. Salah satu alasan mengapa operator tersebut mendukung Tizen karena mereka tidak cukup senang dengan apa yang dilakukan Apple untuk produk iPhone, dimana para operator diberikan batasan-batasan sehingga menyediakan ruang sempit untuk layanan mereka di iOS.

According to ABI Research, Asia-Pasific region will be a promising area for Tizen where 65% of smartphones’ future comes from that regional. For additional forecast, the firm estimated there will be 135 million Tizen smartphones shipped around the world.

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