Thorsten Heins: BlackBerry Will Once Again Change The Way How People Communicate

Thorsten Heins in an interview with CBC told his opinion about Blackberry. The RIM CEO said that we shouldn’t underestimate BlackBerry before it is launched. Many analysts suggest RIM to start thinking about other business such as network, messaging, and patent. But, Thorsten Heins and all RIM employees believe that they will once again change the way how people communicate.

Thorsten Heins BlackBerry Will Once Again Change The Way How People

RIM will launch BlackBerry 10 in Q1 2013. Heins believes that BlackBerry will provide a new experience for users. It’s not only connecting user with others, but it also comes with features that simplify our life. The BB 10 devices can be used to pay park fee and buy tickets, as well as functioned as a credit card machine. So, NFC is the main focus for developing BlackBerry 10.

Heins added that BlackBerry 10 will get full supports from developers. More and more developers join to develop BB 10 apps. They are very enthusiastic to see what features are offered on BB 10. They have seen an innovation that will bring RIM to the top.

The optimistic statement is good for BlackBerry fans because it seems that RIM is very serious in developing BlackBerry 10. Will BB 10 safe the company? Let’s see after the OS launched.

Ivan Andrianto

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