There Will Be Mini Version of Sony Xperia Honami?

Android offers various display size choices. Below 3.0-inch, there are 2.4-inch Android devices with QWERTY keypad, 2.55-inch display on full-touchscreen Xperia X10 Mini, and 2.8-inch display on Galaxy Pocket. If you want bigger screen, you can choose from many Android handsets with around 3.0 to 4.0-inch display like Xperia U or Galaxy W. Back to 2010, the first Galaxy S was equipped with a 4.0-inch display – that’s not a small size for that time.

Sony Xperia Honami Mini

Currently, most high-end smartphones have a 5.0-inch display and there are a lot of Android phablets with display size above 5.0-inch, like the newly announced Xperia Z Ultra with 6.4-inch screen. Unlike Android devices, since it was launched for the first time in 2007 until now, Apple iPhone display sizes range from 3.5-inch to 4.0-inch. In fact, not all of Android users like big display for a high-end smartphone. They prefer around 4.0-inch, but with great specifications.

Samsung has launched the mini version of Galaxy S4 with 4.3-inch qHD display and HTC is reported to launch the mini version of HTC One. Now the latest rumor said that Sony will release mini version of Xperia Honami. Unlike S4 Mini which uses different chipset from the standard S4, the Honami Mini will use Snapdragon 800 like standard Honami.

The rumor from a Sony internal stating that the Xperia Honami Mini will use Snapdragon 800 chipset, while the camera ability is said to be same or at least slightly below the standard Xperia Honami. A 4.3-inch display will be equipped to the smartphone.

No official statement from Sony about this news so far. The camera-oriented Sony smartphone with codename Honami most likely will be released on September 4th, 2013.

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