The Names of Windows Phone 8 Devices Leaked

The names of some devices that will use Windows Phone 8 have been revealed from a table obtained by WPDang, the developer of Love Wallpapers HD. This tablet is obtained from Windows Phone devices database when testing wallpaper on those devices

Windows Phone 8 Device Database

There are some handsets that have been known previously such as Nokia Fluid, Nokia Phi, and Juggernaut Alpha. There are also some new names such as as Nokia Dogphone, Nokia P4301 and the Samsung SGH-I687.

Those devices run Windows Phone 8 operating system in various versions and come with WVGA display (480 x 800 pixels). Juggernaut Alpha and Nokia Dogphone are expected to be high-end smartphones, while Nokia P4301 is predicted to use PureView camera technology.

Let’s wait for the next information.

Ivan Andrianto

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