The Launch of BlackBerry 10 Delayed Until Q1 2013

The previous news said that Research in Motion will announce its next mobile phone OS called BlackBerry 10 in this year. But, BlackBerry fans will be very upset because RIM has announced the delay of BlackBerry 10 launching until Q1 2013.

BlackBerry 10 Device

There is no exact date about the release schedule of BlackBerry 10. In this month, three smartphone operating systems have been announced. They are Apple’s iOS 6, followed by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, and Google’s Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Android is now the most popular smartphone OS in the world, while BlackBerry market share continues to decrease. Can RIM get its lost market share back with BlackBerry 10? However, we will see an tight battle in smartphone OS.

Ivan Andrianto

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