The Camera Lens on iPhone 5 will be Similar to DSLR

A new patent was applied by Apple on Thursday, which indicates that the next generation iPhone will have the same feature as a DSLR camera. The new patent that revealed a few days ago exposes that the camera on iPhone 5  will come with a lens that can be changed. This sixth generation iPhone is also said to be to first iPhone to support 4G LTE network.

New Apple Camera Patent

Another report says that Qualcomm and Broadcom is preparing chip production for Apple. It seems that the absence of  iPhone 5 at WWDC 2012 event indicated that Apple needs more time to develop this phone.

Only a few rumors discuss about the camera of next iPhone. Most rumors only focus on the bigger display size and the change in aspect ratio. The camera on the iPhone 5 will include also digital imaging subsystem and optical-axis lens that will be protected by the rear panel which is not permanent.

On this new patent Apple will allow users to open the rear panel without disturbing digital imaging subsystem to replace the camera lens easily. The feature of this camera will  likely to include a lens for close-ups with the ability to take extreme macro photograph. In addition, Apple also improves the shutter speeds, and controls for image exposure.

Ivan Andrianto

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