The Avengers for BlackBerry Released

If you only have a BlackBerry smartphone, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy hot games. A well known game developer, Gameloft, has released The Avengers mobile for BlackBerry.

The Avengers for BlackBerry

Like on the film, you can become a superhero and play with Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, or┬áCaptain America ┬áto save the world from Loki and his flock’s attack.

The Avengers for BlackBerryThe Avengers for BlackBerryThe Avengers for BlackBerry

The gameplay of this game is quite simple and easy to understand, so you will not encounter any difficulties when playing this game. The graphics is not spectacular as it only use 2D graphics. But the game is quite entertaining. For BlackBerry users who interested to play this game, you can purchase this app for only $0.99 on App World.

Ivan Andrianto

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