Telefonica Shows Prototype of Firefox OS Smartphone

Telefonica is an operator from Brazil that will launch the first Firefox OS device. The company has shown a smartphone prototype that runs Firefox OS. The device is developed with Qualcomm, one of Firefox’s partners for its Firefox OS.

Firefox OS logo

The smartphone looks similar to another smartphones running on Google’s Android OS. It has a touchscreen display and four capacitive buttons. According to information from Telefonica, Firefox OS can run on the same hardware as Android phone.

Telefonica Firefox OS smartphone

Carlos Domingo, Innovation Director of Telefonica says that as web OS, Firefox OS is more efficient and lighter. If you compare Firefox OS with Android on the same hardware, Firefox OS is better. He claims that Firefox OS is faster because it is based on HTML5. Firefox OS is said to be lighter because it doesn’t need fast processor. It means that this OS gives the same experience as Android with lower price.

Ivan Andrianto

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