Superuser Updated to 3.1

The popular root control for Android, Superuser, has got an update to version 3.1. What has changed in this version?

Superuser logo

The new Superuser 3.1 will bring improvement in security, inluding some changes that maybe needed by those who like modify Android. Superuser is a must have Android application which can control whatever that can access root access from the ROM. It is an application that can be functioned as a keeper because it keeps what applications that can access user root account. User can give access to certain applications and reject another apps.

Superuser 3.1 User InterfaceSuperuser 3.1 User Interface

The new features on this version are fixed FC when entering Preferenes on pre-HC device, add a new action button for tablet to access info page, and improve binary updater. Android users can download it on Google Play.

Ivan Andrianto

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