Sony Xperia Z Google Edition Rumored To Launch Next Month

At the Google I/O held place in mid-May, Google announced the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition smartphone, another version of the Galaxy S4 with pure Android operating system, which offers Nexus-like experience.

Sony Xperia Z Android smartphone

Not only Samsung Galaxy S4 version that comes in Google Edition, two weeks later, HTC officially announced the HTC One ‘Google Edition’. Google Edition version of HTC One also runs pure Android OS like Nexus devices.

Now, the latest rumor from Android Geeks reported that Xperia Z will also join the Google Edition smartphone series. The Sony’s flagship running pure Android OS will be launched in July 2013. It will run Android 4.2.2 or Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. Like Google Edition of HTC One and Galaxy S4, it will be sold only in U.S. through Play Store. The rumor says that it will be priced at $599 per unit.

Ivan Andrianto

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