Sony Xperia C6802 and C6833 Appear on ‘Ditjen Postel’ Indonesian Website

Some new Xperia handsets which the official names are still unknown appears on ‘Ditjen Postel’ Indonesian website. Of all the new devices listed, two most interesting devices are C6802 and C6833. Looking at their code number, the smartphones most likely will offer higher specs than Xperia Z (C660X)

Sony Xperia C6802 and C6833 on Ditjen Postel website

Actually, the presence of Xperia with code number C6802 is not a new news. In last February, the phone appeared on a benchmark site. From the results, it’s known that the Xperia uses Full HD display and runs Android 4.2. Quoted from XperiaGuide, C6802 will be released as Xperia Honami or Xperia I1. I1 refers to Image 1, where the camera is the main key-selling feature of this phone.

While C6833 is rumored to be Xperia Togari. The device is reported to be the first Sony phablet with a display size of 6.44-inch Please note that all of the names mentioned above have note been confirmed officially by Sony.

Ivan Andrianto

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