Sony To Launch Windows Phone Smartphone This year?

There’s a new rumor about Sony’s plan to launch Windows Phone-based smartphone. News from The Information said that Sony is currently preparing prototype design of that product.

Sony logo

Windows Phone products from Sony will join Vaio series. This time Vaio is a brand for Sony’s laptops lineup which run Windows operating system.

Talk between Sony and Microsoft is still underway although acquisition process of Nokia has been announced. However, the deal is not final and may be canceled if Microsoft and Sony does not agree on some things such as license fees, installed software, or other topics.

Sony has made Windows Phone prototype called ‘Julie’ when it was used Ericsson name. But news about development of that product hasn’t heard anymore.

Currently Windows Phone only has one main player, Nokia, with its Lumia products. Will Sony take this momentum to join Nokia under Windows Phone platfrom in the middle of the Android competition which is increasingly filled by various companies around the world?

Ivan Andrianto

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