Sony Makes an Invitation to Announce Brand New Xperia Smartphones on June 20

After announcing two water resistant smartphones, Xperia GX and Xperia SX, followed by two water resistant smartphones, Xperia Go and Acro S, the entry-level Xperia Tipo, and the newly announced Xperia Miro, Sony seems to launch another new smartphones within a short time. That can be seen from an invitation to an exclusive event for media held on June 20. On that event, Sony will announce some new Xperia smartphones.

The Sony Invitation

The Sony Invitation

The event will coincide with CommunicAsia in Singapore and Sony is going to hold the event in Southeast Asia. Some people estimate that this event could be related to the campaign of Sony Mobile on Facebook about a colorful Xperia smartphone, which has already known as Xperia Miro.

Month Model  INR  EUR  USD
March Xperia S 29,900 462 590
April Kumquat 16,990 262 335
April Nypon 23,990 370 475
April Pepper 19,990 308 395
June Olive I 19,990 308 395
July Hayabusa 31,990 493 632
July Tapioca 9,500 146 188
August Tapioca DS 10,500 162 208
August Lotus 17,990 277 355
September Atlas I 18,990 293 375
September AFFM 12,500 192 247
September Mint I 36,500 562 720

Some people predicts that Sony will announce its latest product called Lotus, based on the leaked Sony roadmap in early 2012. With a price of $ 355, Lotus is a mid-level android smartphone. Will Sony announce Mint I as its flagship smartphone?

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