Sony is Preparing Premium Firefox OS Handset

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Sony Mobile is one of the vendors that will launch entry-level handset with Mozilla’s Firefox OS operating system. To continue its commitment, the company has released Firefox OS beta ROM for Xperia E Android smartphone. Besides entry-level devices, Sony is also reportedly preparing a premium Firefox OS handset.

Quoted from Computer World, Mozilla officials confirmed Sony’s plans to release high-end Firefox OS handset. Gong Li, Senior Vice President for Mobile Device Mozilla said that Sony is renowned in terms of quality and experience. So they target high-end market. Mozilla and Sony has discussed the kind of device Sony is going to release.

According to Gong, Sony’s interest in Firefox OS because they believe the OS will become the world’s top three OS. ‘I can tell you that there will be three major mobile OS, and one of them is us. Why us? That’s because we are the only company that takes the pure approach. We are fully open. Not only open source, but the process is also done openly. There is no price, “said Gong.

Ivan Andrianto

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