Smartphone Shipments By Operating System in Q1 2013

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), Windows Phone is now in the top three of smartphone operating system market. The Microsoft’s mobile OS replaces BlackBerry’s position in last year.

Smartphone Shipments By Operating System in Q1 2013

IDC records that Windows Phone market share in Q1 2013 increased to 3.2% from 2.0% in the same period of previous year. In Q1 2013, there were about 7 million Windows Phone handset shipped, more than double compared to Q1 2012, with only 3.0 million shipments. BlackBerry shipments down from 9.7 million to 6.3 million, so the market share is also decreased from 6.4% to 2.9%. Windows Phone managed to record a growth of 133% in the past year, while BlackBerry has decreased by 35.1%.

Android is still on the top and even increase its market share from 59.1% to 75.0% with 162.1 million smartphones shipped in Q1 2013. It’s far ahead of Apple on the second place, which lost its market share from 23.0% to 17.3% though the number of shipped smartphones increased.

Ivan Andrianto

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