Skype for Android Surpasses 70 Million Downloads

Besides games and social networking applications, applications that provide communication service between devices via internet are also popular on Android platform.

Skype for Android Top Devices

One of them is a communication application in the form of text, sound, and video namely Skype. The famous VoIP service provider announced that Skype application has successfully become the most popular video chat service on Android.

The Skype application has been downloaded by more than 70 million times on 1384 different Android smartphones in 16 different languages. 23.36 % of downloads are made by users in United States,  followed by  6.96% from Japan, 5.18% from Russia, 4.97 from Germany, and 4.71% from England. Besides those five countries, Skype is also famous in Spain, Italy, South Korea, and India. Galaxy S II is the most popular phone in running Skype, followed by another Samsung phones and HTC  phones.

Ivan Andrianto

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