Siri vs Google Voice Search, Who is Better?

One of the new features on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is a voice assitant called Google Voice Search. It can smartly answer questions you asked. The similar feature has been presented on iOS previously.

Siri vs Google Voice Search

For those who want to known which one is better, the video below shows you a Galaxy Nexus runs on Jelly Bean OS with Google Voice and an Apple iPhone 4S runs on iOS 5 with Siri. Both answer 17 questions. Google Voice Search can answer 8 out of 17 questions with more appropriate answer.

The 8 questions are:

  • Where Is the Empire State Building?
  • Will I Need an Umbrella on Sunday?
  • Show Me Pictures of Mount Rushmore
  • What’s the Capital of Canada?
  • Get Me Directions to the California Academy of Sciences
  • How Old Is Stan Lee?
  • When Was Apple Founded?
  • What’s 56 Divided by 7?

While Siri is better in answering these questions:

  • Where Can I Get a Taco Around Here?
  • Set a Timer for 5 Minutes
  • What’s $100 in Euros?
  • Tell Me a Story
  • Sing Me a Song
  • Play Some Kanye West

They draw in answering the other 3 questions:

  • Who Was the Number One Pick in the NBA Draft Last Year?
  • What s My Horoscope for Today?
  • What’s the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?

Ivan Andrianto

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