Samsung’s Profit is $5.9 Billion in Q2 2012 Thanks to The Sales of Galaxy Smartphones

At financial reporting event, Samsung reported the amount of its profit that reached $5.9 billion in the second quarter of this year. The biggest profit is predicted comes from its latest flaghsip smartphone, Galaxy S III. However, Samsung expressed concern about crisis in Europe, which may hurt the sales in that continent.

Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone

Analysts expect that Samsung’s operating profit in April to June rises by 77% compared to the same quarter last year to reach $ 5.9 billion. It means that Samsung’s profit increased by 14% compared to January-March. It is a new record for Samsung. Samsung Mobile division has a big contribution to Samsung’s profit. The profit doubles last year’s profit. Now, Mobile Division is responsible for 70% of total Samsung profit.

Ivan Andrianto

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