Samsung is Estimated to Loss 2 Million Sales of Galaxy S III

According to analytics, Samsung is estimated to lost a chance to sell 2 million more Galaxy S III smartphones at the launching because Samsung didn’t expect that the demand is far beyond the estimation made by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S III Android smartphone

Another reason is the delay of Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III devices. Analytics says that Samsung can sell more than 10 million units of its flagship smartphone in the first two months.

However, Samsung had chosen the best time to launch GS III. The phone was launched some months before the launching of Apple iPhone 5. At the launching of GS III, there’s only one big rival, HTC One X. Another phone manufactures couldn’t make a smartphone that can ┬ácompete with Galaxy S III. While Nokia is trying to increase the sales of Lumia smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S III launching

Carolina Milanes, Gartner analytics, said that maybe Samsung has wrong in predicted the demand of its flagship device. But, this is not because Samsung doesn’t trust its own device. The company predicted tighter competition in high-end smartphone market.

Samsung is the current biggest phone manufacturer in the world, ahead of Nokia in the second place. In smartphone industry, Samsung is ahead of Apple in terms of shipment.

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