Samsung Galaxy S4 is Predicted to be Sold 10 Million Units in The First Three Months

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Mist
In some parts, Galaxy S4, the latest flagship smartphone from Samsung can be obtained via pre-order. Based on the prediction, Galaxy S4 will repeat the success of its predecessor, Galaxy S III.

According to DigiTimes, component suppliers predict that the sales of Galaxy S4 can reach 10 million units in the first month and reach 30 million at the end of Q2 2013. This smartphone will be available globally in the late of this month.

According to analysts, Samsung has the capability of producing smartphones with that amount because the company has full control of producing the device. Samsung will produce the main components like processor, display, memory, and image sensor by itself. If the order of Galaxy S4 is beyond expectation, it’s predicted that the delay will not as long as its rival, HTC One. Currently, Samsung has eight handset factories around the world, including in China and Vietnam.

Ivan Andrianto

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