Samsung Galaxy S III’s Cool Features

Galaxy S III is a powerful smartphone with Cortex A9 quad-core 1400 MHz processor ARM Mali-400/MP4 GPU, 32 GB built-in storage, and high definition display. Besides its high-end specifications, this phone also has some cool features.

1. S Voice
S Voice is the answer from Samsung to Apple’s Siri. Siri is voice assistant on iPhone. Galaxy S III has similar features called S Voice. S Voice was demonstrated by Samsung Mobile Division President, JK Shin when announcing S III in London. S voice can recognize human voice and do actions based on the voice. S Voice can be ordered to play song and set the volume level, send text message, search web address, and capture image.

Samsung Galaxy S III S-Voice


2. Camera
Like its predecessor, SGS 3 goes with 8 MP camera. But, don’t be disappointed with its quality and features. Samsung devices to stay with 8 MP instead of 12 MP. For Samsung, the performance of camera is more important. The camera gives fast image capturing with zero-lag shutter. With burst mode, the camera can capture image at 3.3 frame per second

Samsung Galaxy S III camera


3. Wireless charging
The very cool features on SGS III is wireless charging. User only need a separate wireless charging kit to charge this smartphone wirelessly. This is a futuristic feature which has adopted by Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charging

Wireless charging

4. Remoable Battery and microSD
Most of latest smartphones comes with non-removable battery. But, Galaxy S 3 comes with removable battery which means user can buy a new battery if the battery has broken.
Another trend on high end smartphones with high internal storage is the don’t have a microSD slot for expansion. Galaxy S III still has a microSD slot. User can expands the internal storage if it doesn’t enough. Another advantage of microSD is user can transfer data between smartphone and desktop/laptop by using microSD adapter if the computer doesn’t support Bluetooth or the USB cable to connect it with PC is not available.

Samsung Galaxy S III removable battery

Removable battery

5. Smart Stay
Smart stay is a feature which can detect the user’s eyes. This feature utilizes front-facing camera. When user’s eyes look at this phone, the screen will be kept from timing out.

Samsung Galaxy S III smart stay

Smart stay

6. Direct Call
When user reading an SMS and move the phone next to the ear, Galaxy S III will automatically call the number.

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