Samsung Galaxy S III Will Come in New Colors

Are you going to buy a Galaxy S III? For you who don’t like GS III with marble white or pebble blue color, there’s a good news. It is known that AT&T has announced the presence of Samsung’s flagship smartphone with new color, garnet red. The phone will be available for pre-order starting on July 15 and is expected to be released on July 29.

Samsung Galaxy S III garnet red

The garnet red Galaxy S III will be priced at the same price, $199.99 for 16 GB version and $249.99 for 32 GB version. There’s no information about availability outside AT&T.

Besides garnet red, the biggest phone manufacturer in the world is reported to launch Galaxy S III in purple, green, and gold.

Samsung Galaxy S III Purple

Samsung Galaxy S III Green

Samsung Galaxy S III Gold

Ivan Andrianto

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