Samsung Galaxy Note III Will Have a 6.3-inch Display?

Samsung Galaxy S, S II, S III, S IV, and Note II

Samsung is reportedly preparing a new smartphone with a super big display (called phablet) and most likely it’s the Samsung Galaxy Note III.

Samsung Galaxy Note III is said to have an OLED display with an ultra-big size for a smartphone, 6.3-inch. That evokes a question, whether it’s a phone or tablet. As a comparison, Galaxy Note II only has a 5.5-inch display and the smallest tablet has a 7.0-inch display. If the Note III comes with a 6.3-inch display, it means that the display is only 0.7-inch smaller than a tablet. It also causes doubt for buyers questioning whether a phone with that size can be fitted in pocket or not.

Let’s wait the presence of the next Samsung phablet. The successor of Galaxy Note II should come sometime in 2013.

Ivan Andrianto

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