Samsung Galaxy Muse, Mini Music Player for Galaxy Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Muse
Samsung has just announced Galaxy Muse for US market. Galaxy Muse is a music player that has a role as complement of Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note II.

It has 4 GB of built-in storage. Doesn’t like general music player, Galaxy Muse can’t be connected to computer when you want to transfer songs to the device. You need a certain Galaxy smartphone to do that.
Samsung Galaxy Note is equipped with data cable to connect it with your Galaxy handset. With the help of Samsung Android Music Sync, you can transfer songs to Galaxy Muse.

With extra small dimensions, Galaxy Muse is appropriate for listening music while jogging. It’s odd that it can’t transfer songs directly from PC. It seems that Samsung has a strategy for that case.

Actually Galaxy Muse was announced at the launch of Galaxy S III but only for US market. It’s priced at $49.99 and available in two colors, pebble blue and piano white. As an information, the price is equivalent to a 2 GB Apple iPod Shuffle.

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