Samsung and Apple Got 90% of Smartphone Industry Profits in Q1 2012

Although the smartphone market is experiencing rapid growth from year to year, only two vendors who really enjoy the growth of smartphone market. They are Samsung and Apple.  According to market researcher, ABI, both of them dominated 55 percent of global smartphone shipments in the first quarter of this year and got 90 percent of smartphone industry profits.

Samsung and Apple got 90 percent of smartphone industry profits

The surprising news is Samsung and Sony are two OEMs that enjoy continuous growth in terms of shipments. The more surprising news is RIM passed Nokia in terms of shipments growth, although both of them experienced decrease in shipments in Q1, RIM declined by 20 percent and Nokia declined by 40 percent.

In the first quarter of 2012, Samsung was in the top spot with 43 million shipments, followed by Apple with 35 million shipments, Nokia (11.9 million), RIM (11.1 million), Sony (7 million), and Huawei (6.8 million).

Nokia have to struggle lately. Symbian popularity has decreased because the domination of Android and iOS. After the removal of Symbian, Nokia is in transition to Microsoft Windows Phone operating system. RIM is also trying hard to rise with BB10.  ABI senior analyst said that this year Nokia and Windows Phone have to grow up to 5000% just to offset the decline in shipments of Symbian devices.

Ivan Andrianto

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