[Rumor] iPhone 5S Release Date is September 20th, 2013, Cheap iPhone To Follow Some Weeks After

After the announcement of Apple iOS 7, many people are curious when the next iPhone will be announced. The next Apple iPhone most likely will be named iPhone 5S. From the rumor, iPhone 5S most likely will be released in the early of fall this year, like the previous iPhone.

Apple iPhone logo

Dave Smith, a senior jurnalist from International Business Times is one of people who has accurate prediction about the release date of the previous iPhone. Based on his calculation, iPhone 5S will be announced in September 2013. According to him, iPhone 5S will be announced two days after iOS 7 is 100 days old after it was revelaed officially. As known, Apple released iOS7 at WWDC 2013 event on June 10th, 2013.

Furthermore, he said the cheap iPhone as iPhone 6, will be released some weeks after the high-end version launched, around September 27th or October 4th. Those device may be announced around a week before the summit event, or around September 10th.

From the leaked specifications and details, iPhone 5S is known to have improved camera with dual LED flash, faster CPU, and fingerprint reader on home button as an alternative of PIN or slide unlock.

The cheap iPhone (iPhone 6/iPhone Vapore/iPhone Light) combines the design of iPod Classic, new iPod, and iPhone 5. The cover of cheap iPhone will be made of plastic with various color choices.

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