Rovio Will Launch a New Game with The Pigs as The Main Character (Rumor)

There is a new speculation about Rovio‚Äôs plan to make a new game like Angry Birds, but with the pigs as the main characters while the birds are your enemies. Although there isn’t any screenshot about that game, according to Pokcet-Lint, they have been shown some images of that game.

Angry Pigs

Perhaps the game called Angry Pigs and will be available in the late of this year, close to Christmas. Each of pigs will have their own ability and characteristic. It is still unclear about the gameplay of that game. Most likely, the pigs have to safe eggs that they steal from the birds attacking them.

Amazing Alex

Besides this game, Rovio is reported to release a new game called Amazing Alex in the near future.

Ivan Andrianto

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