Robin, a Smart and Funny Voice Assistant for Android

Siri is a popular female voice assitant for Apple iOS. Now, there’s an new male voice assistant for Android called Robin, which is developed by Magnifis and claimed to be smarter and funnier than Siri.

Robin by Magnifis

Robin is one of the best choices for Android voice assistant application. Robin is claimed to be more indulgent than Siri. It can accept voice commands or gestures to communicate with the device.

The advantages of Robin compared to Siri are the assistant application could help navigation, real time traffic, parking information, gas prices, weather, twitter feeds, and even help to give advice, and read the text for you.

So far the application is running smoothly on Android smartphones. Any annoying problem has not been found yet. The beta version of Robin can be downloaded on Google Play Store for free. Are you interested? Watch the video on the link below and see how Robin works.

Robin Android Voice Assistant Demo

Ivan Andrianto

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