RIM will Split The Company Into Two Sections?

According to The Sunday Times and Reuters, RIM is restructuring its company that will be splitted into two sections. The first section will manage about handset making business and the other section will manage RIM’s messaging service, BBM. If the separation happens, RIM will sell half of its manufacturing company. The two names which have a big potential to buy it are Microsoft dan Facebook. Last month, RIM hired JP Morgan banking firm and RBC Capital to give strategic options.

RIM BlackBerry logo

There is a speculation that RIM will separate from messaging business or open it up to its rival like Apple and Google to get income. Another choice is keep the entire company together, but sell the stocks to bigger company like Microsoft.

In the late of 2011, there is a rumor that Microsoft, Amazon, and Nokia have a big possibility to buy RIM and Amazon is the most serious of the three companies. RIM is said to launch BlackBerry 10 OS in the late of this year to equailize its position with Android and iOS. Here is the Research in Motion Stock Price until June 2012. How will be the condition of RIM in the future?

RIM Stock Until June 2012

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