Qualcomm Shows Off 5.1-Inch 577ppi Mirasol Display

As one of the leaders in smartphone chipset market at this time, Qualcomm also doing research outside the field of chip technology. That can be seen with the show of Qualcomm’s Mirasol display technology at Sid Display Week held in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Qualcomm display

On that occasion, Qualcomm shows a panel with a size of 1.5-inch fitted on a smartwatch. Moreover, Qualcomm also shows a 5.1-inch Mirasol technology display. The display has a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, resulting 577 ppi pixel density, much higher than the average smartphone displays currently with pixel density in the range of between 200-300 ppi. Unfortunately the screen is reportedly still less bright and less clean because of the silvery color reflection. The products shown are mockup. However, the displays will appear on various third-party gadgets.

Besides its density, the Mirasol display apparently has other advantage. The power consumption is only 1/6 of the LCD or OLED screen. Therefore, a gadget with that screen will last longer than nowadays smartphones, it is estimated up to a few days.

Although promising, the technology is not going to be used in smartphones in the near future. Qualcomm still needs further research and development to enhance the product.

Ivan Andrianto

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