PureView will be Available on Nokia Lumia Family

PureView technology on Nokia phones is a superior technology for mobile phone camera with a resolution of 41MP. Pureview technology was first used by Nokia 808. If the lastest news is correct, PureView technology will also present on Nokia Lumia family, which is based on Windows Phone OS.

Nokia 808, Symbian smartphone with PureView camera

Chris Webber, the Nokia U.S. President, in the conversation about the future and plan of the Finnish mobile phone company to increase its market share was unofficially leaked about the PureView technology.

PureView is a part of Nokia’s plan and Nokia has a close relationship with Microsoft now. Chris Webber also said that the PureView tehncology is not only located on 41 MP resolution, but also the ability to display raw resolution that can be seen when the image is zoomed.

Besides discussing PureView technology, Webber also discussed how Windows 8, Xbox, and other Microsoft properties can be profitable for the future strategy of Nokia.

Curious? Just see the video on the link below.

Interview with Nokia U.S. President, Chris Webber about PureView and Future Strategy of Nokia

Ivan Andrianto

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