Philips Xenium W8510 Provides Up To 35 Days of Standby Time

The main weakness of most smartphones are short battery life because a smartphone needs more power to run its fast processor compared to feature phone. Therefore, some manufacturers try to increase battery life by optimizing the phone and offering high capacity battery.

Philips Xenium W8510

A new smartphone from Philips called Xenium W8510 is claimed to provide up to 35 days of stand-by time. The battery can survive up to 18 hours for talking in 3G mode and up to 14 hours for browsing via WiFi.

The battery capacity is 3,330 mAh – it’s very big for a smartphone, but not the biggest. Interestingly, the battery charging process is very fast. If you charge the battery for 10 minutes, it can stand-by up to 20 hours or 2 hours of talk time. Charging for 30 minutes gives you up to 57 hours of standby time.

Philips Xenium W8510 has a 4.7-inch display with HD 720p resolution. No information about other specifications of this handset.

Ivan Andrianto

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