Peter Chou: “HTC Will not Produce a Cheap Phone”

The big phone manufacturer from Taiwan, HTC, has a plan to only sell handsets that are in medium to high price range, though they must compete in terms of number of sold phones. ” We don’t want to damage the image of the company,” said HTC CEO Peter Chou said in an interview with Wall Street Journal media. ” We still cling to use the best material to make a better product that offers a premium experience. Many people are interested in this category.” This statement comes when many industry observers begin to ask HTC about their future strategy.

HTC logo

While another companies such as Motorola and Samsung released the low-end handsets in the Chinese market, Peter Chou ensures that HTC will not make a cheap phone to get sales boost in market. The company prefers planning to increase marketing effort and expand┬ádistribution network.┬áPeter Chou said that shipments to China in 2012 is estimated to be three times larger than last year and shipments to India and other emerging markets will rise slowly. “We think our strategy is success” said the CEO.

Ivan Andrianto

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