Peter Chou Believes HTC Will Reach 15% of Smartphone Market Share

Last week, HTC CEO Peter Chou said to HTC shareh0lders that the Taiwanese smartphone vendor will experience big increase in smartphone market share in future. Last year, HTC only had 4% of global market share. Chou said that in future HTC will reach 10-15% of market share. At this time, money spent by HTC for marketing its products only one-tenth of Samsung spent and Chou wants to push brand recognition harder.

HTC quietly brilliant logo

Chou said that HTC spent more money on research and development for making innovative smartphone like HTC One. With unibody design and metallic material, HTC One is one of the most beautiful smartphones available today, but also smart with sophisticated specifications, making HTC One as the best Android smartphone.

To reach 15% of market share is not enough. Since some months ago, there was a speculation about the presence of HTC One Mini and HTC T6 phablet to join the pure Android version of HTC One that’s available at Play Store for $599. Peter Chou didn’t mention the exact time when the target will be reached. Of course, HTC must work very hard reach that market share.

Ivan Andrianto

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