OmniVision OV2724, The Smallest 1080p 60fps Camera Sensor For Mobile Devices

OmniVision OV2724 Smallest 1080p 60fps camera sensor
OmniVision Technologies launchs its latest camera sensor chip intended for mobile devices. The OV2724 1/6′ sensor is designed for the front-facing camera on smartphone, tablet, and ultrabook. Remarkably, the chip is said to be able to record Full HD video with a frame rate of 60 frames per second and have high sensitivity and dynamic coverage. With its small size, OV2724 is claimed as the most suitable for the use of video chat or video conference.

Justin Kim, Senior Product Marketing Manager OmniVision, said that OV2724 is uniquely positioned to overcome challanges by presenting the ease of camera integration to smartphone and tablet vendors, so it can generate solution that meet the needs of consumers, as well as challange that mobile devices become more slim.

For this time, the OmniVision OV2724 sensor is merely a demonstration and planned to start the mass production in Q3 2013.

Ivan Andrianto

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