Nvidia Tegra Tab Revealed, 7-Inch Tablet With Tegra 4

If you heard NVIDIA, most likely you will think about one of the largest GPU and chip manufacturer. After entering protable gaming device with NVIDIA Shield, the Taiwanese vendor wants to enter tablet market with Tegra Tab, which is powered by Tegra 4, the latest chip from NVIDIA. The photos have been posted on gsminsider.

NVIDIA Tegra Tab

Manufactured in Shenzhen Homecare Technology, NVIDIA Tegra Tab is a 7-inch tablet with cool back design. The material used seems to be similar to what you’ll find on the first generation Nexus 7. Other revealed specs are HDMI, USB port, Wi-Fi, Blueotooth, 3.5mm audio jack, and 5 MP camera. The display resolution is still unclear. If you want to buy a Tegra 4-powered device, Asus, HP, Toshiba, and Visio are vendors which have released or will release Tegra 4 based device.

NVIDIA Tegra Tab

Ivan Andrianto

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