Nvidia Tegra K1 Mobile Chip Officially Announced With 192-Core GPU

Nvidia starts 2014 by releasing a new processor chip called Tegra K1. The mobile chip boasts graphics performance with the presence of 192-core Kepler GPU inside.

NVIDIA Tegra K1 Mobile Processor Chip

The processor becomes the first mobile chip with 192-core GPU. Kepler GPU replaces ULP GeForce, which was used on previous Tegra generations. By using Kepler as GPU, it will increase mobile graphics performance to getting closer to desktop.

Nvida Tegra K1 Reference Tablet

Unfortunately, though it has 192-core GPU, it still uses quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU. The processor doesn’t use 64-bit technology like Apple’s, but rather 32-bit ARM Cortex-V7.

Instead, it has bigger memory of 40 bits. The positive impact is smartphone or tablet using this processor chip can have RAM up to 8GB.

Nvida Tegra K1 Reference Tablet

Ivan Andrianto

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