NVIDIA Tegra 4 Officially Announced: 72-Core GPU, 6x Faster Than Tegra 3

NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad-core CPU 72-core GPU
NVIDIA officially announced Tegra 4 as the successor of Tegra 3. Tegra 4 is claimed to be the fastest mobile processor in the world with perfect performance and battery life for smartphone, tablet, gaming device, navigation system, and PC.

Tegra 4 brings extremely good graphics processing. The chipset with “Wayne” code name has 72-core NVIDIA GeForce custom GPU, six times improvement over Tegra 3. This feature is said to give more realistic gaming experience and capable to play high resolution video up to 4K (ultra HD). Tegra 4 is the first quad-core chipset to use ARM Cortex-A15 GPU. It offers 2.6 times faster browsing experience. Tegra 4 also has an additional core for running low applications.

Tegra 4 supports 4G LTE either for data or voice with optional additional chipset , Icera i500. NVIDIA Icera i500 is more efficient and 40% smaller than conventional modem. Icera i500 offers five times faster processing than its predecessor.

Computational Photography Architecture
Tegra 4 also has Computational Photography Architecture capability. This feature automatically presents High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo and video.
NVIDIA Tegra 4 Computational Photography Architecture

Latest Power Efficiency
Tegra 4 is designed with maximum power efficiency. PRISM 2 Display technology can reduce backlight power without sacrificing visual experience.
NVIDIA Project SHIELD with Tegra 4 chipset

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