NVIDIA Project SHIELD, Android Portable Game Powered By Tegra 4

NVIDIA Project SHIELD Android Portable Game with Tegra 4 chipset

Besides the powerful Tegra 4 chip, NVIDIA also announce a portable game console powered by Tegra 4 namely Project SHIELD. The console uses ‘pure Android’ and capable to play all games on Google Play Store. In addition, it can also be used as wireless receiver and controller for playing games on PC that supports GeForce GTX.

Jen-Hsung Huang, co-founder and CEO of NVIDIA said that Project SHIELD is created by NVIDIA developers who like playing games and imagine a new way of playing games. They were inspired that the appearance of mobile and cloud technology will make us free, allows us to play anywhere at any screen. They imagined a device that can be used for playing, listening to music, and reading books like Kindle, but with a new cool way. They also hopes that gamers will like SHIELD.

Project SHIELD uses the latest NVIDIA chipset, Tegra 4. The chipset has 72-core GPU. It’s the first quad-core CPU based on Cortex-A15. Combined with the fifth core as battery saver and PRISM 2 technology, the device offers long battery life. It has a 5.0-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, resulting 294 ppi of pixel density. Besides the capability of running games on Windows PC, Android, and Tegra Zone, Project SHIELD can also run applications like Hulu, Netflix, and Slacker Radio.

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