Nokia Will Release Lumia with 16 Lenses Camera Technology Next Year

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Pelican Imaging is a company producing camera module. Yesterday, Chris Pickett as the company CEO said that Pelican’s 16-lens module at least will be available on a smartphone in 2014. The vendor that invests on Pelican is Nokia.

Pelican’s camera module that has 16-lens (4 x 4 arrangement) is more promising than general phone camera module. Every sub camera is dedicated for a color which should eliminate noise from the image. The photo file is in JPEG format and 20% bigger than usual, with minimum noise level even in low light.

The image taken from Pelican camera also contains focus information for overall scene, so you can change the focus points after the photo has been taken. It’s similar to Lytro camera, but with different approach of course. With minimum noise feature, this technology can be the main key-selling feature for Nokia smartphones next year.

Ivan Andrianto

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