Nokia Will Announce 10-Inch Windows RT Tablet in February 2013?

Nokia 10-inch Windows RT tablet

Nokia is reportedly has discussed about cooperation with Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Compas Electronics to continue development of 10-inch Windows RT tablet. It’s estimated that the device will be announced at Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona held on 25-28 February 2013.

At first, Nokia was planning to develop 10-inch Windows RT tablet in Q1 2012. Qualcomm has a role as Snapdragon S4 processor supplier, while Compal Electronics becomes the ODM with the number of initial shipments of 200,000 units to test the market response first. But Microsoft evidently launched Surface tablet and Windows 8/RT market at that time was still vague. That Microsoft decision thought to be the reason for Nokia to focus on smartphone and delay the development of its 10-inch Windows RT tablet.

Reported from Digitimes, so far the sales of Window RT tablet has met the target. Nokia is now reportedly evaluating the number of orders and hasn’t planned sales strategy.

Ivan Andrianto

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